Russian cinema theatres will become more accessible for sightless guests

Audio description: a coloured photo. A cinema hall with rows of empty black chairs.

“Art, Science And Sport” Charity Foundation, supported by the Russian Ministry of Culture, within the framework of the “Special View” program presents the “Accessible Cinema” National Pilot Project. This initiative will help create inclusive environment in such venues and attract more visually challenged viewers to enjoy the moving pictures.

Those Russian cinema theatres that filed their applications will take part in training sessions and workshops where their employees will learn about communication with visually challenged people. The participating movie theatres will have their accessibility audited, and they will be given consultations on running movies with audio description.

All these venues will also get recommendations on marketing: cinema theatre representatives will be advised on how to attract viewers with limited capacities. Namely, cinema theatre employees will be informed on launching loyalty programs, adapting their websites and posters for sightless people and working with social partners.

When the “Accessible Cinema” pilot project comes into full operation, the organizers are planning to scale it up for new venues. Moreover, they are going to publish a manual guide.

It should be noted that films that are created with financial support of the Russian government must be provided with audio description. For more information on how to exercise one’s right to get audio description in a cinema theatre, read the Special View article.