Describe to Me

Since 2018, the Special View programme has been supporting the Describe to Me project.

The Describe to Me website, containing image descriptions for blind people, was created in February 2015 by a team of visually impaired residents of Yekaterinburg.

At the request of blind users, willing and able volunteers describe popular memes, photos of famous people, optical illusions, desktop wallpapers, postcards and even videos.

Over the four years of its existence, volunteers have posted over 1,300 descriptions on the website. Project volunteers are also prepared to carry out personal requests from blind people – all you need to do is fill out a form on the dedicated page, and the description will be e-mailed to you shortly.

The Describe to Me project helps blind people integrate into society, be involved in the single information space and gain access to what is accessible to the sighted by default.