“Special View” launched a series of Blindfolded Cooking video tutorials with Marta Lyubimova

Audio description: a coloured photo. Marta Lyubimova is standing in a kitchen filled with light. She is holding a bowl of vegetables and smiling broadly. She has a round face with soft features, and lond fair hair. She is wearing a dark green blouse and a black kitchen apron with white “Special View” label and the pink logo of the program.

“Art, Science and Sport” Charity Foundation of Alisher Usmanov within the framework of the “Special View” program supporting people with visual impairments launched a series of Blindfolded Cooking video tutorials. In these videos, Marta Lyubimova, visual impairment specialist, speaks about customizing kitchen for blind people, about etiquette and about ways to cook food if one cannot see. All the videos will be available on the net as a preface to the publication of her book Everyone Can Cook! A Recipe Book With Tips For Teaching Culinary Art To The Visually Challenged.

Both the book and the video tutorials are meant for the parents of blind children and visual impairment educators who specialize in teaching pupils with eyesight disorders, and also for partially and totally blind readers.

In the first part of the book Everyone Can Cook! A Recipe Book With Tips For Teaching Culinary Art To The Visually Challenged,one can find tips to customize one’s kitchen and organize one’s workspace, data on how to teach blind people some skills and also pieces of practical advice.

The second part contains recipes adapted for those who cannot see. They are supplemented with coloured photos, detailed descriptions and recommendations for parents and teachers.

Both simple and more complicated recipes are collected in the manual guide. Using them as an example, the author dwells upon situations that cause unseeing people much difficulty, such as using an oven and a cooker, making the meal not just savory but visually attractive and many others. The book also contains recipes by five visually impaired people who took part in a recipe contest.

The Blindfolded Cooking video tutorials may be viewed at the “Special View” website in the Media section (in the Russian version of the site).